Co-developer Treyarch Studios took to Twitter to announce that some Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War guns, like the AK-74u and MAC-10, will get tweaked next week. The full patch notes arrive on Monday, March 29. Treyarch has yet to specify what the tweaks are, but check the list below to see which ones will be adjusted.

Call of Duty Guns Getting Tweaked Next Week

  • LC10
  • AK-74u
  • MAC-10
  • KSP 45
  • Milano 821
  • Krig 6
  • FFAR 1
  • Groza
  • Magnum
  • 1911
  • RPG-7
  • LMG adjustments
  • Launchers bugged against Flak Jacket in Hardcore + more

Co-developer Raven Software and Treyarch have not said if this weapons tweak is exclusive to Black Ops Cold War or will make its way to Call of Duty: Warzone. The two games have integrated, so it's likely the adjustment will apply.

In the replies to Treyarch's tweet, fans are not only hoping for tweaks to other weapons (like the AUG and DMR), but are also arguing about which weapons to adjust. Some say snipers need a nerf while SMGs are "not fun" to get killed by.

In other Black Ops Cold War news, the game is expected to get smaller versions of two maps next week. As for what dropped this week, check out GameSpot's breakdown of the game's new content, including playlist updates and weapons.