Monster Hunter Rise is now available on Nintendo Switch, and the game will get its first free post-launch content update in late April. Capcom has shared a few more details on what that will include in its latest blog post, along with a very brief overview of what the next update after that will bring.

As the publisher previously revealed, Monster Hunter Rise's 2.0 update will introduce a handful of new monsters to hunt. Capcom had previously confirmed that the Elder Dragon Chameleos will be among them, and in its blog post, it also revealed that Apex Rathalos will make its debut in the game as well. Additionally, the 2.0 update will unlock your Hunter Rank cap and adjust "a few other related features."

After that, Capcom says it will roll out the game's 3.0 update "at a later date." The publisher didn't share too many specifics about that patch yet, but it confirmed that update will introduce another handful of monsters to the game as well as an "additional ending" to the game's story.

Withstand the Rampage and gear up to save Kamura Village!
Apex Rathalos swoops into #MHRise with Title Update Ver. 2.0, late April.

— Monster Hunter (@monsterhunter) March 26, 2021

In the meantime, a day one update is now live for Monster Hunter Rise. You'll need to install that patch to play the game online with others and claim any DLC items, such as the free item bundle you'll receive if you played the Monster Hunter Rise demo.

If you're just getting started in the game, we've put together a handful of Monster Hunter Rise guides to help you out, including a buddy explainer, beginner tips, a weapons explainer, and how to kill every monster. You can learn more about the game in our Monster Hunter Rise review-in-progress.

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