A new spring-themed Max Raid event is now underway in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but it's ending very soon. This limited-time event only runs until today, March 28, and it gives you a chance to catch various Grass-type Pokemon, including Shiny Lilligant.

Throughout the Max Raid event, you'll be more likely to encounter Vileplume, Bellossom, Cherrim, Comfey, Lurantis, and their pre-evolved forms in Max Raid dens across the Wild Area, Isle of Armor, and Crown Tundra. You'll also have a chance to encounter a Shiny Lilligant in five-star Max Raids. The odds of finding one are slim, however, so you'll need to be persistent if you're hoping to catch it.

The Max Raid event is scheduled to end at 4:59 PM PT / 7:59 PM ET / 11:59 PM UTC on March 28, giving you only a few days to participate. Before you can take part, you'll need to refresh your Max Raid dens. You can do so either by connecting the game online via the Y-Comm, or by opening the Mystery Gift menu and selecting Get the Wild Area News.

Once the spring Max Raid event ends, March's regular Max Raid event will resume. That event will run until March 31 and features Fairy- and Flying-type Pokemon like Corviknight, Cramorant, Braviary, Weezing, Gardevoir, and Hatterene. You'll also have a better chance of encountering Gigantamax versions of Corviknight and Hatterene as part of the event.

In other news, The Pokemon Company recently announced two more Pokemon projects for Switch. First, remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are coming to the system late this year. After that, a brand-new open-world Pokemon game called Pokemon Legends: Arceus will follow in early 2022.