Microsoft showed off more than 20 more games coming to Xbox Game Pass at its [email protected] Showcase. The stream also announced that these games will be available on the service they same day they go on sale elsewhere, releasing for both Xbox consoles and PC.

Some highlights of the additions include the newly-debuted Nobody Saves the World from Guacamelee studio Drinkbox, Hello Neighbor 2, and STALKER 2 (which was previously confirmed for the subscription service). While some have set releases this year (or even this summer), most of the games have not announced a release target. The Ascent, which previously was planned to release last year, doesn't have a firm new release date but did make an appearance at the show.

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft's game subscription service, offering a rotating library of games for $10 per month for the console or PC versions. A combined Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription includes both console and PC, along with cloud streaming functionality. Some of the games announced will be coming with cloud streaming available at launch as well. That functionality is already on Android devices, and is said to be coming to iOS very soon.

You can check out the full list of games announced for Xbox Game Pass below, and check out all the games revealed during the stream. For more recommendations, check out the best games available with Xbox Game Pass right now. New subscribers can get their first month of Game Pass for $1.

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Xbox Game Pass in [email protected] Showcase

  • Art of the Rally (Cloud / Console)
  • Astria Ascending (Cloud / Console) -- 2021
  • Backbone (Cloud / Console)
  • Boyfriend Dungeon (Console / PC)
  • Craftopia (Console / PC)
  • Dead Static Drive (Console / PC)
  • Edge of Eternity (Cloud / Console) -- 2021
  • Hello Neighbor 2 (Cloud / Console)
  • Library of Ruina (Cloud / Console)
  • Little Witch in the Woods (Cloud / Console)
  • Moonglow Bay (Cloud / Console)
  • Narita Boy (Cloud / Console)
  • Nobody Saves the World (Cloud / Console)
  • Omno (Cloud / Console) -- Summer 2021
  • Recompile (Cloud / Console / PC) – 2021
  • Sable (Console / PC)
  • She Dreams Elsewhere (Console / PC)
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 (Cloud / Console)
  • The Ascent (Cloud / Console / PC)
  • Undungeon (Cloud / Console / PC)
  • Way to the Woods (Cloud / Console)
  • Wild at Heart (Humble Bundle, Moonlight Kids) (Console)

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